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How to be More Grateful in Your Life?

The month of November is focused on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great way to increase everyone’s awareness to be more grateful. Since I moved to San Diego, over twenty years ago, I realized that many people are self-centered and wrapped up in their own lives. Some people just feel entitled: taking and then thinking they can get away with it.  Others think that they are the only one with busy life. While on the other hand, some people say “I’m just not good in …” Being grateful and generous is not about writing a check to charity, it starts with your personal life with your friends and family.

Three main traits often affect us as grateful people. These are when you:

  • Embrace people in good faith into your life
  • Appreciate what you have and your personal freedoms
  • Reciprocate and recognize when people are generous with you

Thanksgiving provokes these types of thoughts in my mind.  To put thought to paper, I have just written the book Make Your Thanksgiving Meaningful as a guide to celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends, family, and children.  The book guides you through the story of Thanksgiving, using research, and accompanied by personalized questions in order to gain insight. It also has a section that provides you practical tools to integrate into your life to be more gracious.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

Take the time to develop daily, weekly and monthly habits to embrace, appreciate and reciprocate.   It really pays off!

Start with just saying “Thank you [add something very specific and sincere]!”

You can also offer support by “How can I help you?”

Lastly, you can buy something small and meaningful to say “Thank You!”

The books can be used in three main ways:

  • Personal reflection
  • During sit down meal time
  • Gathering with an open buffet style meal

Use the book during your holiday celebration to increase awareness and with the hope that your guests can adopt some of the tips to be more gracious people.

bottom line

Enrich everyone’s experience with  “Make Your Thanksgiving Meaningful!” 

Engage, Share, Enrich…


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