IQNet Interactive founder Lea Wolf Soffer’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen were forged from the combination of her unique experiences and her own personal transformation. Lea has conceived several innovative products and spearheaded numerous startups with unique technology platforms, all the while performing with her inimitable spirit and passion to evolve.
Through IQNet, Lea develops and delivers innovative leadership development workshops using the firm’s proprietary 7P’s Method™, equipping with tools, techniques, resources, and support systems to achieve effective and sustainable results.

As a passionate speaker she integrates business models and principles to deliver personal leadership transformation programs. She learned that the same principles and concepts that led to her evolve also help to develop creative business solutions. She extracts universal values from her diverse cultural experiences to integrate business methods, processesand tools into personal and professional development programs complemented with a technology platform to support and streamline the process.

Lea recently expanded IQNet with Deeds by Kids™ (deedsbykids.org), a community character and leadership development program that gives kids and youth valuable life tools to develops their critical thinking skills and provides community service opportunities.

Lea is also co-founder of iclique-in technology, inc., a web services company specializing in human resources applications. A true innovation in the job portals industry, the company matches employers’ job requirements instantly to blue collar, manual labor workers via web-to-text messaging, www.ichamba.com.

Prior to iclique-in, Lea served as one of the main partners in Innolink, Inc., a company formed to commercialize technology transfer between the United States and Israel. She was instrumental in repositioning the start-up’s strategy to successfully recruit management, form alliances, and raise capital.

Innolink grew out of the expansion of Lea’s management and technical consultancy, which she established upon moving to San Diego, California, in 1997. As a consultant, she served several prominent clients, including San Diego Gas & Electric, Union Bank of California, CCN Healthcare, and LPL Financial Services.

Lea began her technical career in the financial services and banking industry. At Morgan Stanley she gained extensive expertise in financial services and securities, serving as principal architect of various trading and portfolio management systems. She complemented her technical background with Series 7 training.

Lea holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and a bachelor’s degree in Financial Services from San Diego State University. She is an ASTD certified coach.

Born in Dagestan, in the former Soviet Union, Lea moved to Israel at a young age, after which she immigrated with her family to New York. In 1997 she moved to San Diego. Lea’s immersion in
diverse cultures with opposing values, gender gaps, and communications styles helps her to inspire others transform and evolve due to her universal insight of various philosophies and principals.

Lea speaks five languages, allowing her to eloquently and passionately deliver diverse concepts to empower people to achieve their goals and needs.