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words from our clients

  • “What really impressed me about WEEN was how dynamic the group is. All of these women are in different stages of their entrepreneurial pursuit. It was so valuable to engage with business owners on their challenges and questions, and listen to the responses and suggestions the group had. It makes for a very interactive and fruitful meeting.”  

    Tracy Paul Social Media Expert
  • WEEN was different from any other networking event I've gone to in the past. I'm more an introvert, so networking events tend to be overwhelming and draining for me...not something that I particularly look forward to.    But from the first moment I was at the WEEN event, I felt welcome, safe, comfortable and at home. Lea welcomed me with a big smile and friendly introduction, and the other women in the group were so genuine and fun. I loved how everyone who attended was there to give, provide support and make authentic connections. Lea and her team instantly created this loving, accepting and supportive community for women to engage with each other and network.  I also appreciated how we could present ourselves and our business for 90 seconds. It was such a wonderful opportunity to share my work, introduce myself in a comfortable environment, share with the rest of the women how I could support them, but also let them know what I needed support in as well.  The WEEN community is authentic, full of powerhouse women who are ready to support, give and have a good time together. I left my first event feeling like I had found a like-minded community of authentic business owners all doing what they were passionate about.   

    Lindsey O'Connor Writer, Editor, Storyteller
  • "Dear Ms. Wolf-Soffer, I am grateful to have had you as a guest speaker at CAPSLO San Diego County Pre-Service. I was able to relate too many of the things you mentioned in your presentation. It is very true it is not always what you say but how you say it makes a difference. We often need to be reminded we all have different learning styles and sometimes what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other. I will do my best to practice the LEADERS method so that I can try being the best person that I can be in the workplace. Look forward to having you back with us again. "

    Linda Lopez Community Action Partnership
  • I have been to many workshops and conferences of many types through my life. I can sincerely say that Lea is an amazing presenter and motivational speaker. She brings interesting and controversial subjects for discussion that touches every person in a unique way and keep you thinking afterwards. All her workshops are motivational as well as extremely well presented with facts and debatable thoughts. I highly recommend her as a motivational speaker and a lead of any discussion and conference. I personally never miss her highly interesting and though provoking events.

    Jackie Algazi Teacher at Pioneer School
  • As one who thirsts for learning and immersing myself with the most knowledge possible, I have attended many lectures and workshops on various topics. I attended a few of Lea’s workshops and was pleased with the difference in her workshop from others. The other workshops I joined tended to be very general based on the industry/topic. Lea’s workshops are personalize. Her presentation was based on the industry and topic with a laser focus on the company and the company’s team members. She did research to make sure that the information she presented was applicable to the team. She also does not just stand and lecture, instead she uses different activities to keep the group engaged and participating in the learning process. I highly recommend attending one of Lea's workshops.

    Beth Reed, MS