Some Excerpts from the book…

“Without reciprocity there is no continuity.”


  • Personal Experience
  • Personal Leadership
  • Holiday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Meaningful Experiences
  • Entertaiment


  • Family
  • Friends
  • All Ages

Inside the book…

Table of Contents:

Hello and Welcome: Send a Gratitude Card          

3–         Candle Lighting Ceremony

4-        Gratitude Prayer

5        The Meaning of Thanksgiving

6        Be Grateful to be Happy!

8-        How to Embrace, Appreciate, and


12-      Appreciating your Personal Freedoms

14-      Embraced in Good Faith

16-      Showing Gratitude

18-      Being Ungrateful

20-      Reciprocity

24-      Custom to National Holiday

26-      Commemoration

28-      Traditions and Customs

Some thought provoking questions…

  1. Share an example where you were embraced by someone in good faith.
  2. How did you show gratitude to that person?
  3. What do you do when people are ungrateful?
  4. How do you reciprocate when you feel grateful?


bottom line

Without reciprocity there is no continuity!

Engage friends and family to reflect and share their personal ways to embrace, appreciate and reciprocate.

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